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Mizzou Extension News

  • Scout weekly for alfalfa weevils
    COLUMBIA, Mo. – Scout alfalfa now for alfalfa weevils, says a University of Missouri Extension entomologist. Weevil larvae defoliate plants and reduce the quality and quantity of hay.
  • Partnerships strengthen regional economies
    COLUMBIA, Mo.– Economic development efforts are more likely to succeed when nearby communities or adjoining counties work together, says Sharon Gulick, director of University of Missouri Extension’s Community Economic and Entrepreneurial Development (ExCEED) program.
  • Against the grain
    COLUMBIA, Mo.– If you don’t work on a farm, a bin full of grain may not look dangerous. But farmworkers who go inside grain bins can quickly find themselves literally in over their heads. The results can be deadly: Over the last 50 years, hundreds in the U.S. have died from entrapment in grain, including more than two dozen in 2010, the most lethal year on record for gain bin accidents.
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